Suggestions and Ideas


Music and songs of the sea are heard every year on the last weekend of September at the “Trawl Festival”, which takes place at the picturesque fishing village of Kotronas…

Reenactment of traditional trawl fishing, net throwing and trawling, traditional island dances, as well as sea food and wine – all free of charge for the visitors.

For this festival we offer a special package at a special price.


The small island Kranae is an ideal romantic setting for a wedding. Kranae, the love nest of the beautiful Helen of Troy, boasts the tiny little church of Agios Petros, right across the Port and is an ideal ambient for wedding ceremonies. The view of Githio and the sea all around is enchanting, much like being in a whole different world!

The boat ride to the island and the little church can take place in a decorated fish boat, while the whole scenery is perfect for a photo shoot. A pine forest, a stone lighthouse, a traditional Tower of Mani, a dock…all in a tiny piece of land!

We here, in Villa Drossia, are experienced and can help you organize a successful wedding event.


At Vathi a few kilometers from Villa Drossia, there is horseback riding club where you can learn how to ride, after a contact with us. If you are looking for more ways to get in touch with nature and feel perhaps a little freer, a little more primitive …

Riding the horse, with confidence and trust in yourself, start your tour in Mani. Go horseback riding on streets and alleys crossing mountains, rivers or beaches and will offer you unique emotions. Landscapes with strong contrasts, special beauty ecosystems beautify your route and let you take off …

A fantastic opportunity for an entire family or a group of friends in a beautiful relaxing walks always with the guidance of experienced trainers.