Villa Drossia is a perfect retirement destination for long or short stay


Mild winter (no freeze) , long sunshine, dry climate , and 7 months a year swimming possibility.

Low cost of living, with rent as low as 300 euros monthly for a furnished flat.

Healthy food, since Laconia is the olive and orange motherland in Greece. Local flee market every Friday for fresh fish and fruits / vegetables in season.

Easy access from Athens ( 3 hours drive), 80 km from International airport of Kalamata

A well organized local hospital.

Great social life with a well organized foreign community based in Gythion (movie club, music activities, parties etc). English is spoken everywhere.

Stunning countryside, with scenery variety (from endless beaches to high mountain peaks) a still virgin landscape off the beaten path and the massive tourism.


If you want to spend some careless time out of the big and crowded cities, Gythion is a heaven. Enjoy a stress free lifestyle, and you will never get bored. All times of the year, a long walk or cycling by the sea, is always relaxing and the many activities keep you alive and happy. Free bikes and water sports, a modern gym, scuba diving and parachuting, dance schools, horse riding, sailing learning, trekking mountain routes, are possibilities to exercise your mind and body. Of a unique traditional architectural beauty, the harbor is so cute that it is a must stop for cruise ships in the Mediterranean.

Spend long lazy days on the waterfront veranda and cafes, mingle with locals in their folk festivals (dance and food) in the summer, explore the rich culture and history in the ancient Spartan, Roman and Byzantine monuments , attend theatrical performances and lectures . Cultural activities can cover many interests. Sparta, the capital of the prefecture, is half an hour drive away. Internet wi-fi free access, and possibility to participate with the owners in olive gathering and fishing with their little boat.