Villa Drossia – Mavrovouni

Built in a privileged position, surrounded by olive trees and only 2 km from the center of Gythion, Villa Drossia is uptown center.


The virgin Μavrovouni beach, among a lush scenery of eucalyptus and cactus trees is considered as one of the best in Mediterranean.

Beloved as birthing spot from sea turtles (by laying eggs in sand) while international volunteers come to help in securing the nests. Come to witness the birth of the little turtles and their salvation route to the sea.

High mountain peaks are tempting nature lovers to go trekking into a well signed networks of paths.

Authentic place, out of the massive tourism, with unspoilt people, ideal for touring, all seasons.

Mild Winter, aromatic Spring, sweet Fall, and swimming 6 months a year!

In the afternoon, the light wind breeze is a really “heaven” for winsurfing lovers!

Try scuba diving, to explore the ruins of the ancient sunk town of “Las”!

Come and join us in a fishing experience!

Beach taverns and bars, 30-300m from Villa Drossia. Little traditional open air taverns, on the village peal hill, open at night. Also food store and bakery 100m away.

Near Short Trips

Gythion (2km)

Gythion is a lively, charming little town, with a tiny islet “kranai” in front of the port, and of colorful promenade with neo-classical mansions, narrow streets and fishing boats.

Gythio remains a beloved destination for visitors worldwide, famous for the grilled octopus with ouzo, at seafront taverns.

Favorite to cruise ships visitors, with nice preserved promenade, it is the trading centre of Mani, with shops, banks, restaurants and a local hospital.


Laconia is the land of olive oil and oranges.

Do not miss to explore the Byzantine castle ruined town of Mystras, still reflecting the glory of the past.

An imposing mountain (Taygetus) pyramid peak, dominates Laconia with dozens of marked paths for mountaineers and nature lovers. Be an explorer on ancient Sparta ruined town, and get amazed in Spring, by the orange blossom flowers smell on the air!

Monemvasia (75km)

The Greek “Rock” of Monemvassia

Monemvassia, like a stoney boat, with its unique rocky, medieval, but lively town, is connected via a bridge to the mainland. Take a voyage to the past, strolling into the narrow atmospheric routes, or climbing up to the imposing castle…

Elafonissos (97km)

The tropical white and pink sandy shore of Elafonissos islet, is a must see spot, voted among Europe’s best beaches.

Mani (25km)

Mani is called the fingershaped pennisula, south of Gythion, named after the rough land and the stoney tower houses, legended with pirates stories.

A unique countryside of braveheart men, whose hospitable and indipendent spirit is similar to that of ancient Spartans.

Visit the worldknown neolithic caves of “Diros” with stalactits and stalagmids, accessed by roaring boat, at 30 km away.

Live your adventure down here, walk on ancient paths and mosaics reflecting the heritage of the past.

Fill your soul with colours, seeing a sunset in Limeni, or take a short trekking route up to the lighthouse, to reach the southest geographic parallel of mainland Europe!

Enjoy local gastronomy, in the smoked orange flavoured prossuto, and the fried cinnamon pastries.

Here we still speak a local dialect, routed down to the ancient Doric one!


The island of Kythira (connected to the myth about Aphrodite’s birth) is accessed directly from Gythion, by ferry boat, within 2 hours journey.